ETC: Educational Theatre Collaborative

Summer Intensive

A  week long intensive where members of ETC travel to a new city to submerge themselves in creating a new workshop production.

During the first ETC Intensive (April/May 2009), four artists/teachers involved in ETC (see bios under who's who) traveled Pittsburgh, PA. During this time they collaborated free of local daily distractions and developed a new 30 minute theatre for youth performance. The workshop performance was open to all members of the host community free of change on the last day of the residency.  It is the hope of ETC that the Intensives continue annually and eventually include deep collaboration with local artists.

Why Pittsburgh? Several of us have connections in Pittsburgh which allowed us to do the intensive there at a lower cost. Because we have so many distractions and life responsibilities in Michigan, we decided that it would be the most productive week possible if we were able to get away. We were also interested in working with local artists in a different community and creating a larger web of collaboration.

Special Thanks to Pittsburgh Musical Theatre, James Center, Theodore Watts Jr, Joe Levickas and Courtney and Sam McCrimmon.