ETC: Educational Theatre Collaborative



Explorations in Paper
Paper on fan, Hat origami, Paper/pantomime, Create objects, Wind/ water/ fire stick / pinwheel, Death shown by paper, Feet paper dance, Puppets, Small paper sound (x many doers), Magazine birds, Flocks through many people, Heart beat / helicopter, Wall / stairs, Labels on people’s faces &, bodies, Piles of paper, Blowing paper sounds, Rhythm stomp (items in paper bag), Toilet paper head
Toilet paper pile / snow, webs, Paper motion with human mimic, Rain and snow falling, Drawing set on paper concept, Rip to reveal color / face, Paper cave, Costume parade with paper, Royalty, costumes in paper, Cat in the bag concept. Ribbon strum / conflict with pulling, Origami playing with scale, Audience participation with paper sounds, Pure exploration of paper as performance, Blow away or crumble set, Labels or writing on paper clothing

We were really inspired by this incubator and have continued this exploration through the AMP workshop. Several of the ETC members continued this exploration into productions or outside workshops. See WORKSHOPS and INSPIRED BY for more.

Non-Traditional Spaces

Scale & Perspective



Text Collage & Puppets

Cordage & Tanners Top Ten

Camp & Shadow Puppets

Mime, Patricia's Play & Story Explosion

Newspaper & Blue Bird Story/Script

Title Text.